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Divorce Court Has Worse Odds Than A Casino

Since being a couple and falling in love, most of the paths
you have taken; marriage, children, career, and purchases
have been made by discussions and mutual decisions.
You definitely would not have let a stranger make these
major decisions for you!

Then you are faced with a divorce, which is rarely
discussed and is rarely a mutual decision. There
are so many life-altering decisions to be made!
Children, assets, finances, homes etc. all have
to be split in two. Will you let a stranger make
these decisions for you?

After the initial shock of divorce, in the back of the minds
of all concerned is "court" and "will I have to go?" If you
both can't decide and agree on the issues, then the
answer is obvious, because someone has to make
these decisions. You must realize that as hard as
it is to make these decisions, making them yourselves
will be easier, cheaper and you will get much better results.

We enter court knowing it will cost a good chunk of the
50% we are fighting for. More if we lose. Your odds
are better at a casino.

Your lawyer, at $100-$300 per hour, will have researched
your case to find out what your chances are. He will
compare facts of your case to others that have already
gone to trial. In other words - weighing the odds.
When a friend of mine asked her lawyer what he felt
her chances were in court. He shrugged his shoulders
and said, "It's a crapshoot".

In addition to that, you have to ask yourself a few
questions on the day of court. Will the judge like
the look of you? Has the judge had a good day?
What experiences has he/she had personally?
The answers will make a difference in your case.

Judges do look at the merits and legal presidencies
of the cases they oversee, but when he/she sees you,
personal factors come into play; it's only human nature.

Some are either male or female biased, they dislike
corporate America, their mother, sister, daughter
or father, son, brother got divorced and raised children
alone so they saw the difficulties, perhaps they are
going through a divorce themselves. Other factors in
your case might affect them as well, you may remind
them of someone they like or dislike.

The judge may not like your lawyer.

So many issues, other than the legalities of your
case, are the deciding factors. The judge's decision
is final, no discussion, no second chances, unless you
want to appeal which would involve more time and
more money.

Why gamble in Divorce Court Casino?
The odds are not favorable.

You started out making decisions together, you
should end that way as well. If you absolutely
cannot sit and discuss your divorce together,
then you should go to a mediator. The mediator
will listen and guide you to make decisions.
He/she/ will not make the decisions for you.

Your marriage can't be saved but you can
salvage your children, sanity, stress, and money.

Don't gamble away your future.

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