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Divorce Initiates Careers

One of the most life altering hardships a divorce imposes on us are financial.

This is especially true if you have been the "stay at home"
parent. Of course you will get 50% of the money and assets, and you will also get child support. But the income that was
supporting your family in one house and lifestyle now has to be divided into two. That means if you were just making ends meet before the divorce; you most definitely won't make them meet after. You will have to find some way to earn an income.

The longer you have been out of the working world the more difficult finding a job or career will be.

If you had a profession that you are able to return to, lucky you! If that isn't the case, then you have some decisions to make as quickly as possible before your divorce is final and bills you can't pay start coming in. If you realize that you will need a certain amount of money for a specified amount of time you can possibly work that into your divorce agreement.

Take stock of your options. Write down your interests and
hobbies. All the things you do best. Are you good with people? Children? Animals? Do you love to cook? Add whatever you feel that you do well. Ask your friends and family what they think your talents are. Sometimes other people see qualities in ourselves that we overlook or disregard due to lack of
confidence. This list just might have your new career in it!

With a small amount of time and education you could make one of these interests into a "moneymaker". This easily adapts into a "work at home" career and you'll be able to still take care of your children. This truly is the best of both worlds. You will also create a tax write off with your new home office.

If none of your "list ideas" interest you, but you are still
interested in working from your home search the Internet for the thousands of business opportunities available. Be very careful though, there are quite a few scams out there. Don't pay anyone to get a job! Join some business lists and ask the people what they do, what they recommend, then research that possibility.

You can also be an employee and work from home. These jobs are called "telecommuting". Go into the search engines and type in "telecommuting". Then explore the results looking for the position you want. Do the same at "career" sites. Again I must stress, do not pay anyone to get a job!

You will have to be patient, developing an idea into a business will take time and effort. This is after all, your future you are planning! In the meantime you might have to make certain sacrifices. Cut back on "extras" for yourself and your children as much as you can to reserve your finances. Don't hold on to the marital home if you can't pay the expenses. It is only a house; a home is anywhere you and your children live together.

This might seem overwhelming and impossible right now. But your new career or job will help you to regain your self-confidence and that will affect every aspect of your life favorably.

When people want to buy what you have to sell, or hire you for the service you offer you will not only be increasing your finances, you will be increasing your self worth!

Liz Wertman
"Divorce Strategy for Men and Women"
reveals the facts you must know NOW!
You will not get a second chance!

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