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At this fast age, when people are busy with their own work, meeting a lawyer for a Divorce becomes a big problem. Even if you are about to file a divorce case and you lack time to spare for the lawyer, there are other options available for you. Pro Se Divorce can save your time and money, if you are working with your spouse. If you meet the given criteria, you have the option of filing your own divorce papers. This is a Do It Yourself Divorce.

To be eligible for Do It Yourself Divorce, there should be no minor child involved with the couple. If there is a common property or debt, the couple should agree to divide and share it, before they file a Do It Yourself Divorce. There must be no retirement or pension plans and investment or stock exchange hold by the couple. These might not qualify them for a Do It Yourself Divorce.

Under the provision of Do It Yourself Divorce, a couple involved in military cannot take a separation. Moreover, a couple involved must have proper means to support them to undergo this form of divorce. If there is no impending bankruptcy in the near future, and no history of abuse or intimidation, you are definitely eligible for Do It Yourself Divorce.

Do It Yourself Divorce will involve more time than hiring an Attorney, but it will save you a considerable amount of money. When you represent yourself, you will work directly with the County Clerk and local Judges. So it is best to establish how they view the Do It Yourself Divorce. If they are un-cooperative, it may be more realistic to hire an Attorney. You should be able to find an attorney to review and file all the paperwork that you have prepared for your Do It Yourself Divorce.

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