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Marriage, Children and Divorce: When "Le Music" Stops
Marshall Colt, Ph.D.
It can happen in many ways. Sometimes, suddenly, out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever. Other times, the music slowly, gradually, fades to a deafening silence. Divorce is the great...

Marriage, Divorce, and Kids
Mark Brandenburg MA, CPCC
It’s been said that one of the problems that married couples have today is that men tend to choose their wives the same way they choose their cars or trucks. They get the best one available and hope...

Marriage - Divorce - Separation - How to handle the split loyalties after separation.
Jenny Clair
We have all most probably encountered it at some stage in our lives - who do we stay friends with after a couple divorces or separates? The text book answer is to stay friends with both parties of...

"Marriage Problem; Is Your Marriage Problem Severe Enough To Warrant Getting A Divorce?"
Karl Augustine
Having a marriage problem can be agonizing especially if you're trying to do all you can to make your marriage work. Depending on how your marriage was prior to thinking that you had a marriage...

May I Divorce and Remarry?
Ray Stark
Divorce and Remarriage Ray Stark -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a subject that has caused much heartache, spiritual shipwreck and tragic...

Midlife Career Change Can Feel Like Getting a Divorce
Cathy Goodwin
Most of us are aware that we need to grieve the death of a close friend, relative or favorite pet. We are beginning to learn that other events -- relocation, divorce, illness -- can also be...

Minimize The Waves Of Divorce
Liz Wertman
Divorce drops into our private pond and creates waves that last beyond our lifetime. We must make ripples instead. Divorce is never envisioned when we give birth to our children. They were...

Nine Steps to Regaining Self Esteem After Divorce
Debbie Burgin
Divorce is difficult at the ‘best’ of times. Even when a couple makes a combined decision to divorce, it can be extremely trying. What happens if the decision is one sided? What happens to the...

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