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Post-Divorce Alimony in Texas
Scott Morgan
This article provides a brief overview on Texas law concerning post-divorce alimony in Texas. Laws differ from state to state and individual circumstances vary, so you should consult with a...

Preparing And Protecting Yourself For A Divorce
J. Mahserjian & W. Clark
No one thinks that they will ever be in the position of preparing themselves for an immanent divorce. No one thinks that they will ever be in the position of preparing themselves for an immanent...

Protecting Your Credit During Divorce
John Ventura
Q: My spouse and I are divorcing, and share a number of joint credit accounts. In deciding how to deal with these accounts, we've discussed his paying at least some of them off as part of our...

"Reasons For Divorce; What Constitutes Viable Reasons For Thinking About Or Wanting A Divorce?"
Karl Augustine
According to the Center for Disease Control's National Vital Statistics Report of 2002, 50% of first marriages ended in divorce and 60% of remarriages end in divorce. But, the Center for Disease...

"Reasons You Aren't Starting the Decision Making Process About Whether To Get a Divorce Or Stay Married"
Karl Augustine
Along with any tough decision comes reluctance, especially when that decision involves an actual process and might potentially involve emotional pain or anguish. Deciding whether or not to get a...

Rosen Divorce On-Line Child Support Calculator
Rosen Divorce
Raleigh, NC- Rosen Divorce, the state’s largest divorce firm known for its unique approach to handling marital disputes, recently revamped their on-line child support calculator making it more...

Rosen Divorce Stresses the Importance of Celebrating Mother’s Day
Alison Kramer
Raleigh, NC- As the largest divorce firm in the state known for its unique approach to handling marital disputes, Rosen Divorce is always looking for ways to help fix relationships between parents....

Saving Time is the Key to Saving Money on Your Divorce
Everett Sizemore
Divorces are time-consuming, emotionally taxing, and often unnecessarily expensive. However, the following tips may help the amount of time you need to spend on your matter, which, in turn, may cut...

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