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"Surviving Divorce: What To Think About To Ensure Surviving Divorce"
Karl Augustine
Surviving divorce can be a valid fear if you're contemplating getting a divorce. In order to ensure surviving divorce, you should first understand that your divorce decision shouldn't be taken...

Surviving Life After Divorce
Sharon Jacobsen
After divorce, the most important thing you can do is to move forward sensibly. Here are ten steps to help you on your way back to a fulfilling life. 1. Think single. As obvious as it may...

Taking Care of Children After Divorce
Alex Fir
After a marriage is over and you have custody of your children, you will have the responsibility for making the important decisions about your children's upbringing and schooling. In the majority...

The 7 Emotional Phases of Divorce
Debbie Burgin
Divorce, though often an ugly process, isn't always an emotional death sentence, and regardless of who we are, or what we do, we all go through the same emotional turmoil to varying degrees when it...

The job of a divorce attorney
Michael Sanford
Marriage is a very solemn and serious chapter on any person's life. However, due to personal reasons, a couple may decide to call everything off and file a divorce. Divorce, or dissolution, as it is...

Thinking About Divorce Or Ending Your Relationship? What Do You Do First? Do You Know Your Options?
Susan Murphy-Milano
What is a mediator? It is a neutral person. They do not take sides and they are not there to be your marriage therapist. Their goal is to assist you by removing the drama and tension often associated...

"Uncontested Divorce; How Thinking About An Uncontested Divorce Figures Into Your Decision About Divorce"
Karl Augustine
An uncontested divorce is the most common type of divorce. An uncontested divorce is a divorce that occurs when there are no disagreements between spouses over divorce related issues like custody,...

What Divorce Parenting Practices is Best Appropriate for an Infant?
Ruben Francia
Is there such thing as divorce parenting practices that is best appropriate for an infant? I tell you, yes there is. In fact, it's not only for infant. At every stage of children's development,...

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