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Divorce and Alimony Formula
Jean Mahserjian
In divorce, a common question is, "what is the alimony formula". Well, there really is no set alimony formula for divorce. This is in complete contrast to child support, which is decided based upon a...

"Divorce and Children: Things To Consider When You're Staying Married Only For Your Children"
Karl Augustine
All children are different and respond differently to divorce. Depending on the characteristics of the children - age, emotional maturity, happiness, resiliency to trauma - the easier or more...

Divorce and Effects on Children
Dr. Reena Sommer
Divorce is a very difficult time of life and it is not one that many would opt to experience given the choice. Most people who have been through the divorcing process will readily acknowledge that...

Divorce and Hidden Assets
Jean Mahserjian
Not surprisingly, assets are often hidden in a divorce situation. Why - well simply greed, or the feelings of betrayal or anger at the need to divide assets in the divorce, or the fear of not having...

Divorce and Separation - A Child’s perspective
Jenny Clair
It is always the children that suffer the most when a marriage breaks down and separation or divorce is imminent. Children of divorcing parents often witness arguments even rows and this has a strong...

Divorce and Uncle Sam: Top 10 Things You Should Know When Filing Your Taxes
by Jessie Danninger, CPA, Rosen Divorce
If you’ve recently divorced or separated from your spouse, here are a few things you should know for the upcoming tax season: 1.What is my filing status? (Married, Single, Head of Household) Marital...

Divorce Articles: How To Get The Most From A Divorce Article
Karl Augustine
There are many types of divorce articles available on the Internet by a variety of authors. What's below will help you get the most out of the divorce articles here on this site and anywhere...

Divorce: Coping With The Family Law Process
Charles M. Goldstein
The Emotions Divorce is a scary, lonely and misunderstood process for most people, particularly when there are children involved. The mutual friends enjoyed during the marriage may not be of...

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