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As inflation increases and the cost of living skyrockets, people are looking for ways to increase their income. If you are looking for a supplemental income, this is for you. The businesses described in this article are meant to spark the imagination and thinking of the reader. Choose the money making venture that is right for you, and follow the tested and tried procedures that have worked well for others. Sales letter Writing A sales letter is one of the most popular ways for a business organization to get it's sales message delivered. Well worded letters help to inspire the recipient's confidence in the sender. Not all business people have the ability to write well organized convincing letters. If you posses the ability to write hard-hitting sales letters, you can make steady money in this fashion. Writing Resumes High rate of unemployment can put you in a booming business. Unemployed people look for jobs, and they have a need for resume writing service. If you can prepare a resume that will get positive results, your service can become truly invaluable. You'll take your client's work background and put it into a format that will get your client positive attention, and consequently, get the prospective employer to grant him an interview. Bookkeeping Service Many businesses don't need or can't afford a full-time person to do their bookkeeping. They usually hire part-time help for this vital service. If you are a trained bookkeeper, you can pocket some part-time income from these businesses. Get in touch with factories, stores and other business establishments, and let them know you offer such service. Mail Order Mail order is a very lucrative business operation. It is an exciting way to make money, and can be operated conviniently from your own home. Many people have started their own mail order business at home, and over the years, built it into a big income producer. You can start your own mail order business with little capital, and still parlay it into a highly profitable enterprise. Seminars If you have expert knowledge in a particular field, or if there is something that you do well which others will like to learn, you can teach them. People are in need of knowledge that will help them in some way. You can earn a steady flow of fees, because you would charge a fixed amount for each seminar. Selling Ebooks Selling ebooks is one of the most profitable endeavors one can pursue online. You can write and sell your own ebooks, sell ebooks created by others, or do both. You can start this business on a shoestring budget, and build it into a huge money maker. Th ebook selling business is multi-billion dollar business and you can grab your own share of the fortune. Home Tailoring The tailoring industry is a growing one. Many people have clothes that need repairs, alteration and all sorts of mending. If you have any type of ability with a needle and thread, or a sewing machine, this business is for you. You can run this business right in the living room of your home, with no overhead. Videotaping Most people find it exciting to see themselves on video. They like to keep a record of themselves on video. People want to keep a video record of special events in their lives. These include: birthday, weddings, bachelor parties, political meetings, community fairs, etc. This creates a strong growth industry for people who are ambitious, and love to videotape. Regardless of hard times and inflation, the need for videotaping service continues to increase at a fantastic rate. You can start your own videotaping service, and earn a steady income. Home Typing There are many ways to make extra money by using your typewriter. Many college and university students need to have their thesis and term papers typed. Most of them can't afford the services of professional typists. Writers and professors who are working on book manuscripts are another source of work. If you're fairly good in typing, get in touch with them and offer your services. You can put notices on school bulletin boards, that you can type their thesis, term papers and manuscripts for a reasonable fee. Ad Agency This is an ideal business for any man or woman that has ambition. Very few people realize that an ad agency can be operated from one's home. If you are an expert in the use of words that convey your message effectively, this business is for you. No expensive equipment is required. It is a low investment venture. It is simple to start and the profits can be great. Home Inspection Most buyers need to know what repairs are necessary to the functioning of the house before they decide to buy it. If you have a sound understanding of construction and real-estate regulations, a place in the Home Inspection field may be waiting for you. You can find clients through lawyers, bankers, and insurance companies that handle real-estate deals. Exercise Classes Regular exercise, we are told, is essential for good health. Most people, particularly, the overweight adult do not have the discipline to do exercises regularly. They would prefer to attend exercise classes. Starting an exercise class can be a profitable venture, and for the person who loves to be in good shape, it can be enjoyable too. You can start your own exercise class inexpensively. Window Display This low investment business is for any person who is creative and like arranging and rearranging spaces for visual effect. Gift stores, jewelry stores or children's clothing stores are ready market. If the idea appeals to you, you can make good money by offering this service to these stores. Send out flyers, and then follow up with a phone call to the store manager. Auto Detailing A car detailing service can be a good year-round profitable business. Many people are earning good income doing auto detailing. You can develop a big business in this field. Visit an established detailing business to get some idea, and to avoid costly mistakes. You can have your customers come to you or you can offer to come to their home. Lawn And Garden Maintenance This is a business where the conscientious worker can make good money. It can be started on a small scale, and built into a very big enterprise. You can sign up customers for a weekly lawn care service. Check the "going" rate in your area to determine how much you'll charge. Office Carpet Cleaning This is one of the most profitable businesses that can be started easily and inexpensively. The work involves emptying ashtrays and trash cans, wiping out dusts, and maneuvering a carpet-cleaning machine around the offices. If everyone is always telling you that you're a "whiz" at cleaning, then it would be a good idea to put this talent to work for you. You can start your own office cleaning service. If you do a good job, your reputation will spread. Many people, who were in your shoes, have made good income by turning their spare time to profit. You can supplement your income with any of the businesses described herein. You can start any of these businesses with little capital. About the author: Conleth C Onu is the owner of and . Visit his websites for information on his ebooks, articles and other valuable products.

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